Congratulations! You have chosen to use a professional mover to relocate. The issues that will be talked about in this blog with regard to dismantling and assembling furniture as part of the moving service will be covered.

Moving to a different house or office is a great idea but most times it comes with its fair share of the problem especially moving heavy furniture. Apart from this, the question that comes up often is the deconstruction of furniture by the moving companies. The topic of this blog post is this: We will talk about this topic and show what professional moving companies do


Why Disassemble Furniture?

Before jumping into the practices of moving companies about furniture disassembly, it is important to understand why in some situations it is vital to disassemble furniture. Modular furniture made of large and heavy parts such as wardrobes, beds, dining tables may not pass through doorways, hallways, or staircases in the assembled state. These disassembling items make them more manageable and they can be transported safely without the threat of loss.

Common Furniture Disassembly Practices

Professional Assessment: Moving firms of good standing often carry out a detailed survey of what is to be transported. They will suggest disassembly if they foresee any problems with specific pieces of furniture going through doorways or narrow spaces.

Specialized Tools and Expertise: Professional movers arrive with necessary tools required for disassembly and reassembly of furniture along with the required skills. This includes items such as screwdrivers, wrenches, and sometimes power tools for the case of more complicated parts.

Labeling and Organization: Moving companies typically follow a methodological process when breaking down furniture by labeling each part, keeping all the screws and hardware in one place. This organization guarantees an easy reassembly process at the point of arrival.

Protection during Transport: The breaking down of furniture imports a level of safety for transfer during transportation and also makes for an easy move. Not large, completed parts, which are more likely to get damaged, but smaller, protected elements.


Services Included


Once you need to make other products, IKEA products and other pressboard entertainment centers, bookcases or wardrobes, you should allocate more time. Many moving companies may have some additional labor charges for dis-assembly and reassembly if you wish for the moving company to do that for you. If the items are not correctly assembled, or there are missing pieces, the mover is not responsible for this and may require you to sign a waiver.


Those items that the movers take apart in the current house will be put together again in the new house unless they are ordered otherwise in the customer’s instructions. It occurs in some cases where one is doing painting, refinishing the floors or cleaning of carpets in the new house. It is the beds that are normally the first thing that the movers will reassemble so that you can sleep in them on move- at night with your family.

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If you remain in the same city and the moving company is charging by the hour, dismantling the beds and bookcases yourself will reduce the cost of your relocation. He should package all the elements of each bed or bookcase in a bag or wrap them in paper then tape the package. Write on the package what bed or book case they are for.


Services not Included


Moving companies do not remove anything that is bolted or screwed on the wall or ceiling including curtains, rods, shelves, light fixtures or mirrors. The customer must make sure that they are taken away and boxed before the movers get there.

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Choosing the Right Moving Company in Doha

Choosing the Right Moving Company:The country can be saved from the worst if this is done in a correct manner.

As you choose your moving and packing company in Doha, talk with us about disassembling furniture services. We will be open about their procedures and talk about whether disassembly is necessary based on your situation.

Furniture disassembly is one of the many services provided by moving companies in their overall moving packages, and the answer is yes. If you are moving and have large or bulky furniture, ensure you talk about this aspect with our moving and packing company to ensure a hitch-free relocation process.

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