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In search of Airgo cargo in Qatar? Royal express cargo is your one-stop-solution for air cargo transportation. With our established network of extensive global partners, we provide a complete range of import and export airfreight services. We fly over to numerous destinations worldwide, serving in and across GCC countries. Whether you require air cargo services from Qatar to India or Qatar to Sri Lanka, we are your best choice to go forward with.


What are Air Cargo Services in Qatar?

Air cargo services involve the conveyance of goods and commodities through air transportation. This accelerated shipping method is essential for the prompt and effective movement of products worldwide. Air cargo services in Qatar expedite the movement of goods in the global commerce and trade. The benefits of air cargo services are manifold, they have quicker delivery times, heightened security measures, and the capability to reach distant and isolated destinations.

Importance of Air Cargo Services for Businesses

Reliable air cargo has an important role in enhancing business operations by providing fast and secure transportation. The speed and reliability of air cargo, with same-day delivery capabilities, enable businesses to meet tight schedules and respond promptly to market demands.

Additionally, air cargo is less affected by weather conditions, ensuring consistency in delivery schedules and dealing with delays.The reliability of air freight is needed for high-value goods, due to the industry’s strict regulations and safety standards.

Cargo air freight, though often pricier than other modes, proves cost-effective by reducing inventory, insurance, and tax expenses. Shipping smaller quantities more frequently and leveraging trade agreements contribute to increased profit margins and competitiveness.

Overall, the importance of reliable air cargo lies in its ability to streamline logistics, reduce shipping times, and contribute to the overall efficiency and competitiveness of businesses on the basis of a global scale.

How Our Air Cargo Process Works

The following is the process of our air freight services in Qatar:

air cargo booking

Request and Booking

The air cargo process with Royal Express Cargo starts with a shipment request, followed by booking the air cargo space and completing necessary documentation and completing Air waybill.

cargo preparation

Cargo Preparation

Goods undergo careful preparation, including packaging and labeling, following safety and regulatory standards.

cargo transport to qatar airport

Transport to Airport

The air cargo process with Royal Express Cargo starts with a shipment request, followed by booking the air cargo space and completing necessary documentation and completing Air waybill.

handling and verification process in qatar

Handling & Verification

At Royal Express Cargo’s hub, the cargo undergoes checks and verification to match the provided documentation.

loading and airport transportation in qatar

Loading and Air Transport

After checking, the cargo is loaded onto the aircraft for swift air transport to the destination.

air cargo arraival

Arrival and Unloading

Upon reaching the destination airport, the cargo is unloaded and undergoes distribution.

door to door delivary in qatar

Door-to-door Delivery

Distribution assures the final delivery of goods to the intended destination, completing the processes for air cargo in Qatar.

Advantages of Air Cargo Services

Efficient air cargo services contribute to streamlined supply chains, enabling companies to meet market demands promptly. Benefits to choosing Air freight services over other means of cargo services include:


Air freight is preferred for its speed, with airplanes traveling up to 900 km/h. This allows for same-day delivery, meeting tight deadlines and quickly responding to market demands. For example, a flight from Qatar to India takes 4-5 hours, significantly faster than the over 20 days it would take by sea.


Air freight services are also highly reliable, with minimal delays compared to other modes of transportation, thus cargo distribution can stay on schedule and maintain operational efficiency.

Global Accessibility

Air freight now offers door-to-door delivery to any location in the globe. The majority of large airlines serve impressive regions with a connected network of airports and destinations. 

Safety Standards

High-value goods require the secure transportation of goods, which will be kept in tack with 

strict safety standards surrounding air freight, this reduces the chance of damage or theft while in transportation


Air freight trims packing costs with lighter loads, expediting processes and minimizing the dependency on warehouses for timely deliveries, simplifying inventory management with fewer resources.

Flexible Delivery 

Air freight for cargo provides flexibility with regards to the size, weight, destination, and frequency of shipments. It provides access to various markets and locations, including remote areas that may not be reachable by sea, road, or rail.

Reduced Tax and Duty Costs

Using air freight you can reduce taxes and duties, especially with the benefits offered by free trade agreements and special economic zones (SEZs).

Locations We Deliver

Royal Express undertakes cargo delivery promptly and directly to your doorstep. Utilizing our reliable air freight services, we connect to an extensive delivery network that extends beyond the GCC countries. With our promise to secure and timely transportation, we enable safe delivery of your cargo goods. 

Our global connectivity permits us to reach destinations worldwide, offering all-inclusive shipping solutions for your needs. Our cost-effective cargo transportation services cover routes from Qatar to Sri Lanka, India and more. Our seamless global cargo delivery has been a trusted choice for both individuals and businesses for over a decade. We remain adamant on expanding our delivery network, for increased accessibility to our valued clients in the future.

Air Cargo Service Provider in Qatar

Royal Express Cargo stands as a leading and dependable air cargo service provider in Qatar, offering complete cargo services since its establishment in 2014. Headquartered in Doha, the company has established its name in the logistics industry, providing efficient air, land, and cargo services locally and internationally. 

With a strong network in the GCC countries for road shipments and an international presence for air and sea shipments, Royal Express Cargo we are able to efficiently present ourselves as the top choice for air cargo services in Qatar

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Are there restrictions on the type of goods that can be shipped via air cargo?

Yes, there are restrictions on certain goods. Some items are considered unsafe for the health and safety of passengers and the security of the aircraft. In many countries, specific types of cargo and small shipments are not allowed to be transported by air. Additionally, hazardous materials, which pose risks to both the environment and human health, may be subject to detention.

For further information you can get in touch with us.

An AWB is an important document submitted that serves as a contract of carriage and provides essential details about the shipment. It is needed for tracking and customs clearance.

The Air cargo cost is determined by factors such as weight, dimensions, and destination. Contact us for a detailed quote.

Yes, we accommodate oversized and heavy cargo. Contact our specialized team for customized solutions.

Air cargo is a secure mode of transportation with protection from theft.  We implement strong security measures to safeguard valuable items.

To ensure your cargo is delivered within your desired timeframe, it’s important to take the delivery deadline into consideration. Making advance reservations is the best way to secure a spot and the preferred pickup time for your items. For optimal planning, we recommend reaching out to us to discuss your specific requirements.

Reach out to our customer support via phone, email, or our online portal for prompt assistance.

air cargo movement is a coordinated process that ensures your shipment arrives at its destination on time and safely. Read more

In today’s fast-paced business environment, the need for swift and reliable transportation of goods has never been more critical. This is where air freight emerges as a game-changer. When time is of the essence, choosing air freight services can make all the difference Read more

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