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With globalization and continuous growth in online retail, the world has come to the ever-expanding need of cross-border shipping of goods. This makes way for freight forwarding.

In search of reliable freight forwarding in Qatar? Then Royal Express Cargo is the name you seek. We are the leading freight forwarding company in Qatar. Rely on us for cost- effective international shipping and cargo services in the UAE. Our establishment since a decade has rendered us the expertise to branch out our global network across air, land and sea.   

Royal Express Cargo is your one-stop-channel for expanding trade flow and commerce. With multi-modal transportation and last-mile delivery, we facilitate business beyond the borders of the Middle East. We optimize supply chain routes with our expert freight forwarding services in Qatar for easy transportation of goods regionally and internationally. 

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What is Freight Forwarding?

Freight forwarding is the arrangement of imports and exports from one location to another 

through the supply chain. A freight forwarder mitigates document handling, shipping insurance, customs clearing and coordinating with shipping, airlines, rail and road companies. 

Royal Express Cargo simplifies the transportation process of goods by offering comprehensive customs clearance services and easy transition of goods across regions. With our expertise we take over the pre-procedures and post process of each cargo service we deliver. From the initiation of your shipment to final door-to-delivery service, entrust us with the timely and reliable transportation solutions for businesses in Qatar.

Freight Forwarding Services Offered by Royal Express Cargo

The following are different types of freight forwarding services in Qatar offered by us:

road transportation services

Air Freight Services

In a hurry to get your things flown to another country? Our air freight service provides fast and efficient transportation of goods via air carriers. We assure rapid delivery times and it is also ideal for time-sensitive shipments and global coverage.

sea freight services in qatar

Sea Freight Services

Sea freight services are the mode of shipment you need, if you have large or bulky loads. The facilitation of your goods are done via ocean vessels. This option also comes with cost-effectiveness along with extensive capacity for heavy cargo.


Road Freight Services

Royal Express Cargo also assists with seamless transportation of goods overland. We promise flexible delivery for regional or domestic shipments. We strive to enhance transportation solutions for your goods.

customs clearance qatar

Customs Clearance Services

Another important aspect of the import-export process is the document submission and getting clearance from the customs authority. This provides hassle-free carrying and delivery of your list of goods, through various means of transport and taking it to another place or country.

Warehousing & Distribution Services in qatar

Warehousing & Distribution

Sometimes you might need to come to a point, where you require temporary storage before or after your goods are shipped. We also give a hand when it comes to warehousing and distribution, so that you are not left stranded when such situations arise.

door to door services in qatar

Door-to-Door Delivery

Not only do we arrange and carry your things from your initial to final destination, we can also make sure to get accessible at your doorstep. Our end-to-end logistics support promise convenience, reduced handling, and enhanced visibility throughout the transportation process.

Benefits of Choosing Royal Express Cargo

Let us go through the benefits of Royal Express Cargo, as the trusted freight forwarder in Doha, Qatar: 

Extensive Network and Global Reach

Our updated network spans from every region and province of the UAE to countries around the world. As the leading logistics company in Qatar, we enable proper management and timely servicing for diverse customer bases with our global reach.

Experienced Team

Each aspect of freight forwarding is handled with expert care due to the brilliant efficiency of our staff members. From paperwork, personalized customer support to mediating transportation overseas, the staff members are experts you can place your utmost trust on. 

Competitive Pricing

The cost is a huge factor at play when it comes to the supply chain and logistics industry. With varying prices and different reasons contributing to it, many are hesitant to plan their shipment logistics. With us, you can leave that worry behind, we can come to terms with a clear pricing package. 

Personalized Customer Service

Our customers get the best-in-class personalized support from our part. We can chart customized plans and freight forwarding solutions on par with inquiries and issues at hand. 

Advanced Technology & Tracking

We stay ahead of the advancements in the logistics and supply chain sector, so as to give you the best customer service available. From real-time updates, clear communication and accurate delivery estimation, we keep you updated.

Safety and Security of Your Cargo

Every shipment, whether small or hefty, is managed with absolute precision and care. Based on safety measures and security protocols, our reliable cargo services in Qatar safeguard your goods from potential risks or damages.

Why Choose Royal Express Cargo for Freight Forwarding in Qatar?

See why you should choose us the best freight forwarder in UAE:

  • Industry Expertise: 

10 years of experience in the sector of shipment and management has equipped us with the relevant expertise needed to operate efficiently in Qatar. 

  • Comprehensive Services: 

Our freight forwarding services comprise a wide range of other services as well, so that you don’t need to go elsewhere looking for customs clearance and logistics management.

  • Logistics Optimization: 

Royal Express Cargo optimizes logistics all round processes for proper channeling of goods, reducing delays as well as risks.

  • Customer-Centric Approach

Our adherence to customer priority helps us to render proactive measures in line with the concepts and requirements of our clients and their businesses. 

  • Efficiency and Reliability: 

Our reliability in every aspect of our freight forwarding services in Qatar assists with exact management of one’s time, goods and their spend money.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a freight forwarder example?
Freight forwarders provide cargo related services from their initial point to final destination such as  mode of shipment, customs clearance, security adherence and delivery services.  freight forwarding companies handle supply chain services for air freight, sea freight and land freight transportation
  • Air Freight Services:Fast and efficient transportation of goods via air carriers, ideal for time-sensitive shipments.


  • Sea Freight Services: Shipment of large or bulky loads via ocean vessels, offering cost-effectiveness and extensive capacity for heavy cargo.


  • Land Freight Services:Transportation of goods overland by road or rail, providing flexible delivery options for regional or domestic shipments.

Using a freight forwarder in Qatar offers several benefits such as:

  • Expertise in domestic and  international shipping regulations and customs procedures.

  • Access to a global network of transportation partners, for efficient delivery of goods.

  • Streamlined logistics management, saving time and reducing the risk of shipping delays or errors.

The cost of freight forwarding in Qatar can vary depending on factors such as the type of goods being shipped, the distance traveled, and the chosen mode of transportation. To get an accurate estimate based on your specific requirements contact us.

Documents required for international cargo shipments from Qatar may include:

– Commercial invoice

– Packing list

– Bill of lading or airway bill

– Certificate of origin

– Import/export licenses (if applicable)

– Customs declaration forms

It’s important to consult with your freight forwarder to make sure you have all the necessary documentation for your shipment.

Most freight forwarding companies, including Royal Express Cargo, provide tracking services that allow you to monitor the status of your shipment in real-time. You can typically track your cargo online using a tracking number provided by the freight forwarder or through their customer portal.

Royal Express Cargo is your reliable freight forwarder in Doha who assure proper safeguard of your goods from your origin to final destination. We handle every item and shipment with extreme care to ease your worry.

Freight forwarding involves several steps:

  • Booking: The shipper (or exporter) contacts a freight forwarder to arrange the shipment of goods.
  • Documentation: The freight forwarder prepares all necessary documentation, including customs forms and shipping labels.
  • Transportation: After selecting the appropriate mode of transportation  such as air, sea, or land, they coordinate with carriers to transport the goods to their destination.
  • Customs Clearance: An expert freight forwarder can handle all the customs clearance procedures according to import/export regulations.
  • Final Delivery: Once customs clearance is obtained, they also offer door-to-door delivery to the consignee (or importer) at their designated location.

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