Types of Cargo Transported by Air?

Types of Cargo Transported by Air?

Qatar’s air cargo is also part of the global market with excellent numbers and significant improvements. Let me share with you some key highlights:

Overall market:

In 2023, Qatar is going to handle in its transport system the total air cargo volume amounting to 16.97 billion tkm. The country has a good geographical position in addition to well developed air connection which is the reason of this achievement.

Growth and trends:

However, between years 2023 and 2027, it is anticipated to grow at an estimated average rate of 4.4%.

Various reasons can account for this kind of growth. Expansion of Hamad International Airport has also been among the key factors. beginnetjeńskie: Numerous factors such as increase in crude oil demand worldwide and rise in oil prices during 2006 and 2007 have contributed to this growth.

The market has been additionally enhanced by investments in logistics infrastructure. Furthermore, Qatar’s geographical location as a bustling trading hub between Asia, Europe, and Africa has enhanced this favorable situation.

When it comes to choosing air transport for specific products, two main factors come into play: prices of the goods and the sense of time and emergency. Therefore, an example that would normally be transported through air cargo is things urgent such as radio pharmaceutical for disease diagnosis or therapy, high-valued items like technology products and valuable goods.

Moreover some fresh products such as fresh fishes, exotic fruits and cut flowers are more effective delivered by air means of transportation. However, the recent rise in demand to transport pharmaceutical and healthcare products has spurred regulations on the timely and temperature-sensitive shipment.

Qatar’s air cargo is having an incredible surge and entering market dominance. Its success is manifested by its promising expansion, as well as strong market presence.

When talking about airline operations, one should consider that there is a difference between a passenger and freight transportation, which all have their challenges and requirements. Having established the basics, let us understand the complexities of the cargo business.

What Kind Of Cargo Does the Air Move

When it comes to transporting cargo by air, there are two main groups: General Cargo and Special Cargo.

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What is General Cargo?

General cargo refers to any object that can be loaded on an aircraft without any precautionary measures. The category of general cargo includes retail goods, dry goods, textiles, etc.

What is Special Cargo?

Special cargo tends to be more demanding and requires specialized handling because of weight, dimensions or value. Let’s take a closer look at the different sub-groups within Special Cargo:

  • Perishable Goods: fresh produce such as fruits, vegetable, flower ,sea foods and drug stuff. To ensure quality, these products require cool chain logistics, that is, they require refrigerated transportation and storage.
  • Live Animals: Animal transport (moving pets, livestock, and zoo’s animals among others). The health of the animals has to be ensured at every stage by use of specialized containers and care.
  • Dangerous Goods: these materials are collectively known as Hazardous Materials or CEPs (Chemical, Explosive, and Radiological) substances. These goods must be handled with strict observance of international regulation, like the IATA dangerous good regulations.
  • Valuables and High-Security Cargo: This term also encompasses valuable and high-security cargo, which mainly involves transporting precious things like art, gold, and classified papers. Some of these types of cargo would also require additional security and could involve special secure cargo facilities.
  • Aircraft Parts and Aerospace Equipment: That includes freight that goes for aerial components, parts, and equipment used in the aerospace and space aviation. Handling with care must be applied in order not to cause any damage on the delicate materials.
  • Human Remains: A sensitive transport and documentation of the dead need to be considered to honour the deceased people.
  • Oversized and Heavy Cargo: Such cargo is composed of huge machines, industrial items, and bulky goods which will not fit inside regular cargo holds. Transporting of these articles may require specialized cargo aircraft or modified loading procedures.
  • Transporting automobiles and vehicles by air: In addition, it may be possible to use specialized air cargo containers or handling equipment.
  • Pharmaceuticals and Medical Supplies: These products are temperature sensitive hence they require transport with specialty. Products under the category are medical products, vaccines, and pharmaceuticals that must comply with Good Distribution Practice (GDP) as well as other quality standards.
  • Electronics and High-Tech Equipment: Static electricity, vibration, and other hazards are some of the things that pose danger for such equipment as electronics and high-tech, which is why this belongs to the list of the so-called vulnerable goods while on transportation, for example.
  • Time-Sensitive or Express Shipments: It entails emergent delivery of time-sensitive materials such as documentation, parts, and products. Couriers offer express delivery services that they use when transporting these shipments.

To ensure globally harmonized standards for the safe and efficient transport of these special cargoes, IATA has three Boards: dangerous good board (DGB), time and temperature working group (TTWG) and live animals and perishables board (LAPB). Such boards regulate standards and offer guidelines on how to move such products.

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The conclusion is that cargo transported through the air may be generally classified into General cargo and Special cargo. Different sub-groups that have varied requirements and regulations for the safe transportation of different kinds of products are included in special cargo. This calls for comprehension of these categories and their specific demands necessary for air cargo efficiency.


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