Top 11 Advantages of Freight Transport by Air [Air Freight]

Top 11 Advantages of Freight Transport by Air [Air Freight]

Air freight shipping has for centuries been acknowledged as an expedient and flexible means of transportation of cargo across the globe. This form of transport is suitable for consignments that are time-critical and could be spoiled if not delivered within a specified period.

Nevertheless, one needs to bear in mind some disadvantages of air transportation as compared to ocean and land transport. Such include air freight charges, restricted nature of cargoes, their size, and weight, and weather effect on airport schedules.

Now, let us examine in detail 10+ benefits of air transportation.

#1. Speed and reliability

The unprecedented speed with which goods can be transported using air shipping is among the main advantages. This makes it very efficient as deliveries can take as little as few hours e.g. same-day arrival. Shippers possessing perishable cargo, which are time-sensitive, may reap great benefits by utilizing air-solo services, as well as ocean/cargo combinations like those provided by Crowley’s program.

#2. Security

 Although air freight shippers benefit from airport security, it may not be that good to travelers. Security measures in various cargo receiving areas and air terminals have stringent requirements and thorough screenings. It cuts down cases of theft, damage, handling and transit time thus, minimizes cost.

#3. Locations served

 Despite its global nature, air freight services can access virtually any point on the planet, including remote locations. Airlines together with cargo consolidators can reach almost any place on the earth. Mobility of cargo occurs at high frequency through this network, helping in smooth supply chain management.

#4. Tracking

Air freight service providers have web-based trackers that enable shippers to follow their packages. As such, it creates transparency and guarantees peace of mind which in turn promotes smooth logistics management.

#5. Cost of packaging

Light packing and container requirements are often needed with air freight shipments. This also cuts down on cost and facilitates an environmentally-friendly approach.

#6. Global Reach

Air freight has incredible international coverage such that wherever on earth one can travel by other means, air freight is an option. Thus, businesses can transport their products to far flung places with considerable ease.

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#7. Reduced Transit time

Reduced transit time is one of the major benefits of air freight. This considerably reduces the risk of damage or deterioration while in transit due to short transit durations. Air freight is very ideal in the sense that it caters for perishable or time sensitive goods that ought to reach in perfect condition as well as time.

#8. Just-in-time inventory

For such companies with JIT practices, air freight is a game changer. This allows quick transfer of goods and companies can keep low stock levels and thus lower holding cost. The speed at which goods are delivered is a significant advantage in ensuring that the supply chain runs smoothly.

#9. High Value-to-Weight Ratio

In the aspect of cost efficiency, air freight is the best for transporting high value but low weight cargoes. It is a cheaper option for products that have a high value-to-weight ratio like electronics or pharmaceuticals. This helps businesses to save money as well as ensure timely and safe delivery of their goods.

#10. Flexible Scheduling

On the other hand, air freight is more flexible. Unlike other transportation means, airlines operate on a 24/7 basis, providing for flexibility on scheduling and acceptance of emergency or unanticipated consignments. This flexibility is critical in today’s world where quick deliveries can mean everything.

#11. Reduced warehouse costs:

Air freight minimizes the warehousing expenses. Goods also stay in the warehouses, for shorter periods since they take the shortest transit time hence. Businesses can benefit financially in terms of less time spent in storage/handling which in turn yields enormous monetary savings.


Air freight offers superior advantages of global reach, low transit time, just-in-time inventory, cost effective carriage of expensive goods, flexible scheduling and reduced warehousing costs. That is why businesses within various industries value it greatly as it has the abilities to connect distant places; transport quickly; and lower holding cost.


However, one must bear in mind that there can be situations where air freight may not be the least expensive alternative for all types of cargoes. These include the size, weight and nature of the goods should be considered when selecting the best mode of transport.

Therefore, air freight offers great benefits for shipping products overseas as it ensures quick and dependable deliveries. A proper consideration of cargo specifics along with the vast merit of this mode of transport can enable businesses to make the right decisions in regard to their cargo transportation.

Looking to boost your business with speedy and efficient shipping? Consider air freight services! Not only can they ensure timely deliveries, but they can also enhance your overall supply chain operations. By partnering with a knowledgeable freight forwarder, you can take advantage of a variety of logistics solutions, including distribution and warehousing. If you’re interested in discovering how air freight services can benefit your business, as well as exploring other options for improving your supply chain, contact us

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