How to Select a Cargo Service in Qatar

How to Select a Cargo Service in Qatar

It is therefore not surprising that a flourishing trade sector of Qatar involves easy placement of export and import companies there. They all talk about how reliable they are, how they deliver the goods in the shortest time possible, and all other groups of convincing words, but the question remains, which one will you pick?

Have no worries as this blog will enable you to find the best cargo service in Qatar!


Finding the Perfect Fit


First, filter according to your budget. Get different companies’ quotes for you and compare. Make sure there are no hidden costs. According to a recent industry report, hidden fees can inflate shipping costs by up to 20%.

Compare quotes:

Don’t opt for the first quote you receive; look elsewhere, too. Check the market in Qatar for several different cargo service provider quotations to compare prices.

Consider hidden fees:

Don’t forget to add all potential fees, e.g. customs clearance, terminal handling charges, and fuel charges when you compare shipping rates.


However, you may need to try negotiating with the cargo service provider over the price of cargo, especially if you are going to ship a large volume of load.


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Safe Storage

A proper storage guarantee can be your next step. Assure the safety of your belongings that you will send before and after shipping. Find stores which have high security storage facilities.

Look for facilities with security measures:

Make a point of finding out how the freight company stores their merchandise in their depots, to keep your goods safe from loss by fire, theft and damage. Among these security systems, there can be CCTV cameras, alarm systems, and even security guards.

Proper Handling:

Ask the provider that they provide the same handling equipment which is used for the transportation of the cargo. Assuring the safety of the cargo during the storage means that the provider uses proper handling techniques and equipment for the stated task.

Technology for security and efficiency:

One of the things that you should consider as you look for a shipment service provider is the tool for online booking and Shipment management. Therefore determine if the provider employs the use of technology in upgrading the security components and also for a smooth shipping process.

Data security:

Pick a provider which has strong data security procedures set in place, so as to provide you with all of the safeguards for your personal data


Speaking of cargo insurance, it can better secure your finances against possibly loss or damage of cargo you might encounter.

Tracking Your Stuff

Nowadays, there are many companies that provide the option of tracking. If you want the feeling of being able to follow where your package is going, try choosing a service that comes with an online tracking option. You can see it move around the globe. Some cargo companies in Doha allow you to schedule an appointment online, upload documents electronically, and receive notifications when and where your shipment status is updated.

Real-time tracking:

Choose a cargo service that provides online shipment tracking which allows you to keep track of your parcel and its movement constantly.


The carrier must provide you the latest and clean information on the moving status of your cargo.

Multiple tracking options:

Make sure that you find the provider who provides multiple tracking choices including online tracking, email notifications, and SMS notifications for example.

Services You Need

Whether you have just too much stuff in your home to be relocated or are in need of a scheduled pickup and delivery, It can be packaged for you by some companies, even including filling out customs documents for you. Make sure they have the services you were looking for.

Some go the extra length by providing packing services, which in the process insure your possessions as to avoid inconveniences during transportation by means of securing them with regard to all the complexities and documentation involved during international moves. On the other hand, asking questions is important as the choices you have do differ from the type of services you need, and therefore, it is important to research the companies beforehand to confirm if they offer the services you require.

Special Cargo

Does your company also ship by air, sea or land? Locate a service that provides a specialized handling of fragile things or even for items that may be poisonous or combustible.

Special cargo is not just any freight , it is the type of cargo that needs special attention, owing to its special features. This category is composed of commodities that require extra temperature control, packed in specialized containers, and expensive works of art for high security among others. Very strict rules and processes of handling are the examples of guaranteeing safety, with internationally approved ones by IATA being used for different categories of special cargo including those with dangerous goods, equipment too large, and sensitive materials.


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The right cargo service comes to your aid and saves you time and money. By opting for pricing, storage, tracking, security, and service factors, you can be sure that the best one is going to suit your business. Get acquainted with and study more about it to make the best choice.

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